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Michael Einsohn's 2014 Resume (pdf format)

Use this pdf file if you have problems printing from the resume page, or wish to save a copy.

About This Site

What's up with this website?

This site was designed with very specific goals. Check out the approach, and what I'm learning.

Designs in Progress

Design Work


  • Under Wraps

    A fully functioning E-commerce website I designed using E-commerce Templates for the cart engine. Support a local business, and get a great deal on giftwrap by shopping at Under Wraps.

  • Giftwrap Calculator

    Check out this giftwrapping project calculator I wrote for Under Wraps using PHP. It is a really useful tool for professional gift wrappers, but needs a bit of tweaking for individuals.

  • Photo Gallery

    The Under Wraps photo gallery was written using jQuery and PHP. It's a dynamic photo viewer that takes a directory and displays all of the pictures inside, separated by folder structure.

  • Massage Therapy Website

    A project I started in 2012 that was never formally published. It's mostly a quick experiment about an aesthetic, and is not a responsive design.

  • Om Prana Yoga & Consultants

    View a local copy of a site I designed in 2011 for a yoga teacher. My web design perspective and skills have grown significantly since then.


Check back soon for pages about my fashion design work.

Current Inspirations


  • Unstoppable Robot Ninja

    Ethan Marcotte's Blog
    He has great stuff to say about reponsive design among other topics


    Chris Coyier's site dedicated to all things css. The archive is really useful, and he is still writing on new technologies. He provides great samples and code snippets too!

  • Add Rules to Stylesheets with JS

    David Walsh describes dynamically creating rules and stylesheets using Javascript.


  • HTML5 Rocks!

    Informative articles about the current state of the web.

  • Dive Into HTML5

    Mark Pilgrim's great book about what's new in HTML5.

  • HTML5 dialogues - on the way?

    A cool new tag and corresponding API that's not ready for primetime yet.

  • HTML5 downloads!

    Finally, a more direct method than server side processing for downloads. Very few browsers support this at the moment.


  • Javascript Design Patterns

    Addy Osmani's book on design patterns. It has helped me to put my coding skills in perspective, and is not a light read!