Welcome to Michael Einsohn's Website

I am a designer living and working in Dallas, TX. I have been actively designing since the age of 18. My careers span 25 years, and comprise diverse experience in the design, retail, management, education, and restaurant industries. My design background involves media ranging from web code to clothing, offset printing, graphics, store display and even machinery!

Currently my inspiration finds a home in the world of web development. This site is designed to be my playground for HTML5 and CSS3 with a close eye on emergent web technologies and standards.

Brief History

Although I have worked professionally in fields outside of web design, I have always maintained a love for technology since I bought my first computer, a Commodore Amiga 1000. I was bitten by the tech bug even earlier than that, learning LOGO (at school!) on an Apple 2C in the early 1980's.

In the late 80's I developed an interest in theatrical costuming, and taught myself to sew. Developing this skillset has been an ongoing process for most of my life, and I currently teach tailoring at the college level. During my college years, I lost touch with my love for computing, and in fact, I did not own a computer from 1990 to 2001.

In 2003 I bought a 17" Powerbook, and became an OS X convert almost immediately. I began to tinker around with the website for Bread Winners Cafe, the company I worked for at the time. It was written in tables, <Ouch>, with no stylesheet! Each job since then, I have been able to expand my tech saavy, by incorporating IT support and visual design into my job titles. My skills and interests now include web and graphic design, digital image editing, and creating engaging web experiences.

My Playground

This website is being perpetually developed. I expect that it may change in format, and I welcome your comments, so please feel free to let me know what you think. I will be adding content as well, so please visit again soon to see what's new! Other planned additions are a blog, which will be my playground for WordPress, and a more thorough catalog of my fashion design work.

If you are interested in what makes this website 'tick', please click on the i buttons for technical information (each badge has different information), or view the Site Guide for the full run down.